August 7, 2013

what are you grateful for?

I was watching a Wayne Dyer you tube talk a couple of years ago. I was in a dark space and couldn’t see a way out. He suggested a great thing to do is think about the things you are grateful for every night just before you go to sleep. This way your subconscious is full of what you already have instead of what you have not got. 

If the last thing you think about before you sleep is full of negativity this will marinate all night and will probably leave you feeling pretty low the next day. 

Since I watched that video, every night without fail the last things I think about are the following:

 Thank you for my health, my amazing job, where I live, my friends and family, my dog (you know I love my pooch). Thank you thank you thank you. 

Try it. It works, well it did for me. 

When we focus on what we have rather than what we haven’t got, the way that we view the world changes.