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Welcome to our Coogee Beach fitness home. A space where experienced & passionate personal trainers help people create kick-ass, long lasting changes.

    You will not find a ‘one size fits all’ mentality here

    Our private personal training studio in Coogee offers six sessions per week of small group training at a modest price. We also provide one-on-one, couples and corporate group training. We constantly adapt, refine and moderate our exercise prescription; this means we are able to look after everyone regardless of fitness level, injury or age. We’ve never met a body we couldn’t work with.

    Each week

    Our group members enjoy a perfect mix of:


    McGill Method Certified Back Pain Practitioner

    Lisa Brown is the first Personal Trainer in Australasia to become certified in the McGill method. Lisa was singled out by Professor McGill, have a listen to what he had to say about that meeting, his thoughts about Lisa and why you should work with her.

    What our clients are saying

    5.0 110 reviews

    • Avatar Genevieve Coyte ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      From the get-go, Lisa is warm, empathetic and wants to ensure you are comfortable and your technique is safe.
      Lisa goes to great effort to understand your concerns and areas for development and ensures you practice with safety and correct
      … More technique always.
      The programs are structured and work really well. If you are consistent, you will start to see improvements within a few weeks. The class sizes are also small which ensures you get the attention you need and that you are doing the exercises correctly.
      Lisa is engaging and genuinely cares about her training groups.
    • Avatar Krisandra Knight ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      Lisa is absolutely fabulous! Her expertise and enthusiasm shines in every session. I am seeing strength progress much more quickly with her programming than I have at other gyms. She has created a beautiful, supportive community that is … More diverse and welcoming. Coogee Gym is like none other I’ve experienced. Lisa is able to adjust the program to all fitness levels and challenge in a supportive way. Thanks for an awesome workout every time Lisa!
    • Avatar Claire Woods ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      I wanted to find a friendly, unpretentious community orientated gym and Coogee Gym has 100% nailed that brief. I’m delighted I found it.
      Lisa really knows her stuff and is passionate in everything she does. She motivates and encourages
      … More and always has her eye on the ball.
      When I first joined I wasn’t sure this type of fitness was for me, I said I’d give it three months but that was over six months ago! It’s become such an important part of my health and wellness and I’m loving it.
      Keep doing what you do Lisa (and keep playing the banging tunes!).
    • Avatar Merita O'Connell ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      I joined Coogee Gym over 4 months ago and honestly have not looked back. I was someone who never thought I would like or benefit from strength training but very quickly felt confident I had made the right choice.
      Lisa is just a natural
      … More teacher, so so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, its infectious. I love attending this gym, I feel supported, included and come away feeling stronger and better each time.
      I could not recommend this place highly enough. Such a lovely community.
    • Avatar Catherine Jacob ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      I have been training with Lisa for four months and I am amazed by the results already. I feel much stronger and I have a better posture. I used to do regular classes in a gym for years and I found out that all theses years I didn’t have … More to right technique. With Lisa I know that I am in good hands. She always has an eye on each one of us even if we are in small group setting.
      Lisa is a highly skilled personal trainer and she also have a lot of energy and a beautiful heart. I thoroughly recommend her services.
    • Avatar Debra Willis ★★★★★ 3 months ago
      I have worked with many personal trainers over the years and no-one even comes close to Lisa. The individual attention received in her classes together with her experience has always exceeded my expectations. Most importantly the results … More speak for themselves. I have bad posture and Lisa has been working with me to correct this as well as making me stronger and motivating me to achieve. I highly recommend Lisa and Coogee Gym Innervate to anyone who wants to enjoy their exercising whilst reaching their goals.
    • Avatar Kait Williamson ★★★★★ 3 months ago
      Lisa is a passionate trainer who is knowledgeable, balanced, mindful and no nonsense (in the most positive way). Lisa ensures each person is catered for if they require alternative movements and/or if they have a specific goal in mind (i.e. … More strength vs endurance).
      As a soccer player, I’ve had two injuries in the past year. Lisa continues to cater for my previous quad tear and pulled glute - which is a difficult task in itself, but Lisa navigates this with ease. Very impressed and thankful for Lisa’s steadfast encouragement and pushing me to exactly where I need to be in order to build strength at the right pace (but without overdoing it)!
      Lisa clearly puts mindfulness and intention into each session. I enjoy her communicative, open, and result based approach. Much love to Lisa.
    • Avatar Anne Gately ★★★★★ 3 months ago
      I've been training with Lisa for about 12 weeks and I'm blown away with her knowledge, her capacity to understand each person's quirks and provide alternatives as needed. She is really tuned in to each individual and what … More they need, it is so different from the other gyms I've been to.
      I have crush fractures in 2 of my verterbrae and because of that I was looking for a trainer or a gym where I would feel safe and heard, I trust Lisa implicitly. I have already seen gains in my strength and I have more mobility in one of my hips which has been limited since I was hit by a car when I was 12!
      Lisa makes every session enjoyable with her enthusiasm and vocabulory :-0 I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa at Innervate.
    • Avatar Louise Barrett ★★★★★ 8 months ago
      I invested in myself over three years ago and haven't looked back. Lisa is an exceptional trainer with an incredible community of great humans who just want to look after themselves. Its great value $. Small group training but feels … More like one on one PT. Bonus you get to meet other like minded people who love to keep fit and then drink coffee!
    • Avatar Susan Williamson ★★★★★ 7 months ago
      Lisa’s a great trainer. She has a strong focus on technique and an eye for body position detail. I’ve been training with her for about 9 months and thanks to her patient support and generous sharing of knowledge, I’ve gradually become more … More confident and competent at strength training. I feel much stronger in my body and am still making gains!
      Lisa’s motivating, mixes things up so it doesn’t get boring and manages to cater to each person in our group training sessions -- despite our different body types and various quirks. Having yoga class and cardio sessions in the mix each week is a bonus!
    • Avatar Marieke D'Cruz ★★★★★ 8 months ago
      I loved training with Lisa leading up to the birth of my second baby. She was so warm and welcoming and always had options that were both safe but still challenging enough for me in her group sessions. She encourages an environment of fun … More with some friendly competition, but always in a way that allows people to work within their limits (e.g. injuries, health concerns, goals).
      Training with Lisa meant my body was in great shape and I didn't suffer a lot of the usual pregnancy (or my normal body) complaints, like a sore back. In fact, I felt better than usual when training with Lisa, even when heavily pregnant!
      I would recommend Lisa to anybody looking for some external motivation and support to train in a challenging but safe environment with a great group of people.
    • Avatar Abi Andrew ★★★★★ 8 months ago
      Lisa has changed my entire approach to fitness! I used to struggle to get to 1 gym classes a week, my motivation was low and I felt disconnected from the people I was exercising with. I’ve now been working out with Lisa at innervate gym … More for about 6 months and exercise is so ingrained in my routine - I now workout minimum three times a week without fail and on top of that I’m running and doing yoga.
      The community feel at the gym is so comforting and you really feel part of something.
      Lisa is an INCREDIBLE trainer, extremely knowledgeable and tailors all of the exercises to suit individual needs/goals. I’ve never seen a trainer so committed to helping people move better, become stronger and feel great.
      If I could give more than five stars I would!!!
    • Avatar Annette Trickett ★★★★★ a year ago
      Fantastic small gym run by Lisa Brown, the fun and highly motivating trainer.
    • Avatar Craig Neil ★★★★★ 7 months ago
      I have been training in many forms over the past 40 years. Lisa Brown has been by far the best coach I have ever had. She has worked around my arthritic shoulder and made me stronger and removed all the pain!!!
      Lisa has also made me laugh
      … More - a lot 🙂
      I couldn't recommend her highly enough.
      Craig Neil
      Quest Racing TP52
    • Avatar Emma Armson ★★★★★ a year ago
      I’m so glad that I started training with Lisa! I’ve had a number of personal trainers in the past, and really appreciate the considered and informed way in which she approaches our group sessions. Lisa takes into account the differing levels … More of experience in the group and always has an alternative if you have temporary or longer term limitations. Her sessions are both challenging and fun, and it is wonderful to be a member of her community!!
    • Avatar Caroline Santing ★★★★★ a year ago
      I have been enjoying training at Coogee Gym Innervate for the last few months. Lisa's attention to correct form and technique makes me feel safe to workout and try new movements with less risk of injuring myself. Lisa's set up … More of having set classes means that there's a great community feel as you see the same people all the time. And her passion, enthusiasm and jokes makes it all good fun. Highly recommend 😀
    • Avatar Stefanie Maystorovich ★★★★★ a year ago
      I’ve been attending Innervate for only 11 weeks now but I love it so much. When I started I had horrendous hip and back pain, which I’ve been dealing with on and off for about 5+ years now, it was at its peek when I started and now it’s … More all but gone. I feel so much stronger and when I’m training I feel safe because Lisa is there making sure I have correct form. She also explains everything so you have a great understanding of what muscles you should be feeling and how they should feel when you do it. I can not recommend Lisa and Innervate enough, it’s seriously been life changing and I can’t believe I’ve been living with this damn hip pain when I didn’t have to.
    • Avatar Rose Jurd ★★★★★ a year ago
      Lisa is an excellent, supportive, professional and dedicated trainer. She really goes above and beyond. I started with Lisa’s program after the birth of my baby and her approach to my fitness has been incredibly considered, motivating and … More committed. I now feel more fit and strong in my body than I ever have before! I would highly recommend working with Lisa at Coogee Innervate.
    • Avatar Maddy Tatham ★★★★★ a year ago
      Lisa is the best! Awesome vibe for training, she really explains everything so you not only know how to do everything but also why you’re doing it. So much better than anywhere else I’ve been!
    • Avatar Simona Tomevska ★★★★★ a year ago
      Lisa is an amazing trainer, who is totally passionate about her work and clients. I started seeing Lisa over a year ago, with quite severe back pain. She's expert in working with people who have back issues, getting them strong, fit … More and healthy, and most importantly moving again without pain! My back has improved so much, and I feel confident to workout in a way that I know will work for me. I couldn't recommend Lisa enough!

    innervate in·ner·vate /ˈɪnɜːˌveɪt/

     To stimulate a nerve, muscle, or body part to action. It’s been our ethos since 2003.

    Our trainers are technicians who understand anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. We take the time to look at the whole picture and thus adopt a holistic approach to working with all the clients in our care.

    Big Bang Saturday

    Every Saturday morning 8.00am & 8:45am at our Innervate Coogee Gym (92, Dudley St, Coogee). This is a high energy session designed to increase the endorphins and kick-start the weekend.

    10 stations of Big Bang movements: squat, bend, lunge, push, pull, carry, core specific, glute specific, 2 x heart pumpers. There will be different movements each week but it will always follow this formula of Big Bang exercises. All fitness levels are welcome and catered for.

    As we are only able to accommodate 14 people in the gym while social distancing, we also offer this session live via Zoom if you’d prefer to Bang from another location. Get in touch with us for the details.

    Strong, sassy, kick-ass females

    The Coogee Chicks that Lift are a community of unique women of different ages, shapes, fitness and sizes. They train with us weekly, indoors and outdoors, in a small group setting. The chicks motivate, inspire and empower each other to create long-lasting change in their health, lives and bodies.

    Click here to find out more »

    Yoga every Tuesday at 6pm

    Our resident Yogi Jo Day guides us through vinyasa flow every Tuesday night 6 -7pm. Join us in person at the gym or from the comfort of your living room via Zoom.

    Hop, skip & jump from the sand

    Pop in and see us at 92 Dudley Street, Coogee. Leroy Brown will greet you at the door... woof!
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