Casual Bangers

Drop into one of our Big Bang Saturday sessions: 7.15am, 8am or 8.45am.

A high energy session accommodating all fitness levels and considerations. Designed to increase endorphins and kick-start the weekend.

5-min core series followed by 10 stations of Big Bang movements.
Registration opens 10am each Friday, $26 (non-refundable) via Paypal.

Our Bangers say…

Big Bang gives me such a great kickstart to the weekend and really rounds off my training week. The exercises are challenging but easily adjusted to suit any ailments, injuries and/or mood and the format has allowed me to constantly meet great people, in a great environment, train hard and listen to good tunes doing so!  I highly recommend everyone give it a go… at least once!

- Tori

Big Bang Saturdays are a vital part of my weekend routine and I often make sure to plan around it due to how amazing the session is. It’s the ideal compliment to the weekly strength training and leaves you feeling incredibly energised and ready to tackle the day ahead. The session is planned perfectly and the trainers cater to all members of the community to make sure you get all those juicy gains we’re all wanting to see.

- Nick

I love Big Bang, I always feel so good rounding out my training week with this session. It gets the endorphins going and it’s the best feeling to start the weekend on this high. I love that I can go at my own pace depending on how I am feeling but always get a good work out.

- Deb

Big Bang is the game changer for how I start my weekend, it’s fun that actually pays off – perfect balance in my weekly fitness routine. I love that it’s a total change of pace from the rest of the week – amazing energy and endorphins pumping. I always leave grinning and heart full after laughing with the rest of our gym community. Some Saturdays you can feel lucky to be there after a big week or, you can go all out and challenge yourself with your buddy for the session, we are all ages and fitness levels – it doesn’t matter where I’m at, I get what I need and I feel so supported by everyone in our Coogee Gym Crew.

- Adrienne