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    The Whole-Brain Workout

    May 17, 2021

May 17, 2021

The Whole-Brain Workout

Powering your best self while juggling life


In this free seminar you will gain deeper insight into what and how to get your brain flexing (like our amazing bodies), working for you with clarity, confidence, resilience (but no wall-sits required!).

We will look at how to create more calm and clear space for your whole self while juggling life and its many moving parts, including how handle the emotional and practical blocks to taking on better habits and ways of thinking. You’ll leave the session with practical tools to help you in:

  • Thinking with clarity and creativity
  • Confidence
  • Setting Boundaries

This is not:

  • Tony Robbins
  • A #inspirational quote fest

This is:

  • A moment to get your thoughts, heart and actions on the same page
  • Keeping it real and taking ownership of ourselves


Thursday, 10th June
18:30 – 19:45
Coogee Gym
Bring: water, pen & notebook

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I’m also known as the human solar panel. My super power is to reflect the strengths of others, holding up the mirror to their humanity, their achievements and energising their potential.  I firmly believe that by better understanding ourselves and how we roll  (in our heads and our hearts), we can consciously create the best version of ourselves AND consciously lead for a better and more sustainable world.

With 15 years of leading in People and Culture roles in multiple industries and brands including Apple and Country Road, I’ve been focused on what enables people to bring their best selves to all that they do.

I know how rewarding and how hard it is to do this self-work in the life-stuff that’s shaped me so far. It’s not easy all the time but it can be made easier, especially when your support crew includes a coach who can equip you with your own tools and knowledge to develop and own who you truly are.

As a Neuroleadership Institute certified Results Coach I challenge and support you to tap into potential and power up more of your whole, brilliant self!

I help you reach clarity in your thinking and practice a growth mindset to overcome the sticky parts of life. By developing your emotional intelligence I help you to consciously create and lead in all spheres of your life and build nourishing relationships.