August 7, 2013

response from my old man re above dalai lama quote

I just read the Dalai Lama quote out to my dad…. He said, ‘that’s nice love…. You should have read that before you met that bloke at the beach who you told to F off’. This made me chuckle… I was training my 10 yr old boy (the one that had a stroke when he was born) we are doing a block of sessions of body boarding. He is growing with confidence and asked me if he could try to do it himself in the shallow water (I had been helping him get on the board and catch waves from deeper). This was a great achievement and so I was pleased he was prepared to have a go on his own. So, we are in real shallow water and J was trying to pull himself on the board and catch a Lil wave. Then a guy rocks up to me and says loudly, ‘why have you got him so shallow? He is too big and old to be here. This depth is for three year olds. If you are too scared to take him deeper I will take him out’. I took the guy aside and politely told him the score and thanked him for his concern. I didn’t want J to hear him. Unfortunately, this ‘helpful stranger’ wouldn’t take no for an answer. I sorta lost my cool and as politely as possible told him to F off. I was expanding my heart out to this gentleman but maybe not in the way the Dalai Lama intended 🙂