August 8, 2013

junk food for breakfast

I’m just about to go and do my weekly food shop. I’ve had a couple of sessions this morning and had literally no food in my house to make brekkie. I’m really hungry. In the food court looking for a healthy option and HUNGRY is not a good combo. No wonder people make bad food choices. I was tempted too. This reminds me to be PREPARED with food. I’m always telling my clients this. When you have your food packed and ready for the day you are less likely to grab stuff that diverts you from your healthy intentions. 

Ended up buying a banana and a handful of nuts and a coffee. I decided to sit next to a Macca’s ‘restaurant’ as wanted to observe. A massive bunch of school kids are buying burgers, mcmuffins, cokes, mc this mc that. A big queue of them, all in their uniforms ready to go to school eating this c**p! What a way to start the day!!!