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    the most important workout you will ever do

    October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014

the most important workout you will ever do

personal trainer sydney

Do this workout regularly and watch your health, fitness, relationships and happiness improve.

As many rounds as possible of:

A1 get a good nights sleep

A2 eat shit loads of veggies

A3 stay away from regularly shoving crap ‘food’ in your mouth (you know what I’m talking about)

A4 eat good quality proteins and fats

A5 drink shit loadsa water

A6 lift x 3 a week

A7 intervals x 2 a week

A8 yoga x 1 a week

A9 meditate

A10 enjoy your treats e.g big fat glass of red/beer/chocolate etc etc

A11 be around people that lift you up and inspire, motivate, educate you

A12 cut off the haters, judgers and energy stealers

A13 get a hold on your stress levels (eliminate the stressful stuff you have control of)

A14 put the damn phone down

A15 be nice to yourself….. If you can’t love yourself you can’t expect others to love you right?

Repeat til fade……………………