August 8, 2013

how to achieve the best results????? don’t cut corners

I train my client Tom on Monday’s and Thursday’s at Enmore Park. There is a boot camp type outdoor group type session that goes on at the same time that we are training. The trainer sends the group running around the pathway in the park directly opposite where we work. Tom and I are always so interested to watch and observe which boot campers ‘cut the corner’ of the path in order to make the route shorter and easier. FYI IT IS NEVER THE PERSON IN THE LEAD! There are other boot campers that do not cut the corner either but I have to say a large majority does. It is human nature to want to make things easier and quicker for ourselves. However, the best results generally come from consistent hard work. You are only cheating yourself by consciously cutting corners. TURN UP BE PRESENT AND GIVE IT YOUR ALL………If it was my boot camp anyone cutting the corner would do 10 burpees….. in fact the whole group would……just sayin!