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    energy is infectious

    August 5, 2014

August 5, 2014

energy is infectious

Personal Trainer Sydney energy is infectious

Don’t let angry, aggressive and negative hounds upset your mood.
I walk my black Lab Leroy Brown every morning and afternoon. On these walks if Leroy sees a dog that he doesn’t ‘like’ he will sense the energy from over 5m away. He will pull his lead and move out of the dog’s path in order to avoid the dog and his/her energy.

I’ve often thought: wouldn’t it be great if we could do this in our lives?

I think we can to a certain extent.

If a boss, colleague, friend or family member displays angry negative energy that alters your energy……….be like Leroy and get out of their path.

If you are forced to work, live or be around this type of energy you can choose to let it poison your energy or create a force field around yourself so that it doesn’t permeate your mood.

I live next door to the most challenging, angry, negative person I have ever met and have done so for years. I used to allow her dark energy to upset mine but these days I use it to simply highlight how lucky I am to be happy.

I was thinking about Leroy and his side step tactics this morning as he avoided the energy of an aggressive Boxer that still has his balls (we all know someone like this right?). As I was thinking about this I bumped straight into my angry neighbour who was opening her front door with her regular morning scowl. Instead of pulling my lead and avoiding her, I gave her the biggest smile and the cheeriest good morning I could muster. She growled a response that made me smile even more.

Force field in tact, no need to pull on the lead and happy mood maintained. We can learn a lot from our pooches. Woof x