August 7, 2013

treat your body like i treat my dog

I take my 5 year old black labrador, Leroy Brown with me to the local cafe every morning. Leroy would eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING if I let him (he is a lab after all) There are patrons there that like to give him banana bread. I will not allow them to do it and they make fun of Leroy being the ‘skinniest lab ever’ and ask me what he is mixed with as he ‘doesn’t look like a lab’. 

At one time I allowed them to feed him. This would happen every morning. I observed Leroy getting bigger and I stopped it. 

The large majority of labs I see are overweight. My local vet tells me Leroy is at a perfect weight. He also says that it is so rare to see labs at a perfect weight as our perception of what a lab is supposed to look like has changed as the large majority are overweight. 

I feed Leroy 3 x a day and he gets two walks a day. The local cafe gives him a carrot instead of banana bread. 

Treat yourself like I treat my dog. Regular exercise, good nutrition. This way you’ll be a happy pup with no hip problems and be able to run around the park and get to the ball before all the other pups!!!!!!! And live alot longer!!!fitness-dawg