August 7, 2013


I’m always posting motivational stuff in the hope that it inspires you guys to get off your butts and train however, I feel the need to also point out that it is so important to know when to take your foot of the pedal and rest when you need to. I have had a massive workout week and my body feels so trashed (in a good way). I had planned to go to Strongman training this morning. This type of training requires you to be totally present, you can’t just show up. It is hardcore and full on. I made the decision to take the dog for a walk and grab a coffee instead. This is not laziness it was me listening to my body and weighing up the risk to benefit ratio (my neck injury also feels sore). In short, listen to your body, you will instinctively know when you need to rest and recover, then you can train effectively in the next session. FYI There is a difference between rest and recovery and making excuses not to train. Important to know the difference 🙂