August 7, 2013

injury and motivation

Confession: I fell off the ‘bikini shoot challenge’ wagon re the injury that stopped me from training……. aaaand….. the last two weekends I have consumed rather more alcohol than one wanting a bikini shoot body or in fact one promoting a healthy lifestyle should (even tho I do not like the word should). Back on the wagon yesterday and started squatting in the warm up, Dan ( says to me: ‘You are moving like a dinosaur’. I was and I felt like one. GRRRRRRR. The reason I am sharing this with you is to let you know that Personal Trainers face the same challenges and pitfalls that you do (they just don’t always share this with you like I do), also two weekends in a row on the ‘lash’ does not mean that you have to fall into an unhealthy lifestyle moving forward. Lastly, if you treat your body like a garbage bag you will move like a dinosaur (Lisa Brown proverb). If you have been letting things slip, get a hold of it ASAP. I have gotta say I feel a hell of a lot better on this sunny Tuesday in Sydney than I did for the last 10 days or so.