August 8, 2013

improve your posture and your love life

I LOVE MY JOB! I have started working with a new client (I will not tag him in this post and embarrass him…… although he was happy for me to share this). We are working really hard to improve his posture alongside getting him healthy and a rocking body to boot!!!! I told him that I want him to ‘walk like a soldier’ from now on. I also mentioned how looking at life full on in the face and holding yourself in this manner can change the way you look at life and how others perceive you. He told me this morning that he was walking like this and he bumped into a woman that he is interested in. She asked him out!!!!!! He says he doesn’t think that this was a coincidence. BOOM….. I love this story, it made my morning and I wanted to share. It is official!!!! Training with Innervate Health and Fitness will make you more appealing to potential love interests 🙂