August 1, 2013

prioritize your health… while you have the choice!

The most important thing in this life before everything else is your health. Without it EVERYTHING else cannot function. We forget this, we mustn’t forget. 

I finished my workout this morning and was walking down the hill to my flat and met my neighbour. She is literally fighting for her life at the moment and just about to head into another battle against cancer (there have been lots of previous battles and still the cancer is undefeated). 

I will not go into the nature and specifics of the chat I had with her this morning but it was a very acute reminder of just how bloody lucky I am. 

It is sometimes very easy to forget what’s important and complain and whine about shit that simply isn’t important. We also put off those ‘gonna intentions’: ‘I’m gonna get fit, I’m gonna get more sleep, I’m gonna stop eating so much junk, I’m gonna stop working so hard… yadda yadda yadda 

We all do these things, we are human. But please start to think about your health and what’s important. Without your health everything else pales in comparison… EVERYTHING. 

You don’t need to be an exercise junkie like me! Just make better food choices, move more, sleep more, and take time out away from stress. Look after yourself and be grateful for your health. 

I am so grateful that I am healthy and strong.