August 8, 2013

admission: i was a corner cutter!

So if you are a follower of my Facebook page you will remember my post last week about ‘cutting the corners’. My best mate in the UK made a comment under my lil rant which reminded me that I was actually a ‘corner cutter’ when I was a kid at school! We had a PE teacher called Miss Guest, she would make us run around the school field for Cross Country lessons. This was in the middle of a North English Winter wearing only acrylic burgundy hot pant type shorts and a sky blue aertex polo short (yum….. gotta love the early 80’s). The school field had an extension and we were told, in no uncertain terms, to make sure we did not cut the corner. Most of us always tried and I have to admit, I hated Cross Country (NB I was overweight and hated running of any type) and I cut the corner, whenever I could!!!!! I do remember though that Jan Oven’s was always first and she never cut the corner. So, my original point still stands: don’t cut corners, hard consistent effort will always get you there… but if you are a ‘corner cutter’ now, know there is hope, you can change. I speak from experience 🙂 Check out this vid from Temper Trap which always reminds me of those Cross Country lessons in the North East of England… brrrrrrrrrrrrr. Click here for video