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    Sprints every Thursday 6am

On Thursday mornings we sprint! Some of our community can’t do impact, and will power walk, some jog, run or sprint.

It doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you go as long as you are moving with the right amount of Tabasco for your level of fitness. The idea of Thursday 6.00am intervals is to raise your heart rate, let it recover, rinse and repeat. We are not a running club, no-one gets left behind and everyone gives it a good nudge for where they are at in their fitness journey. It’s my fave session of the week and the only one where I train alongside you. I figure I add more value to this session by being in amongst it rather than standing at the bottom of a hill or stairs shouting encouragement. Each week we move to a different location (it’s not like we are short on choice for hills or stairs in Coogee!)

Meet at the Rotunda at 6am – don’t be late – as we move on from here to a different spot each week.

Not a Member but want to join us for sprints? Casual sprint sessions are $15: