Brenda Boeder


Brenda is an internationally accredited QiYoga instructor and healing foods “activist”. She is a mother of 4 and passionate about holistic living, community, and empowered consciousness. Yoga is important to her because it revitalises the mind and body, allowing her to embrace life with both hands.

Practicing from her Byron hinterland studui, ‘On Deck Yoga’, a beautiful indoor/outdoor Yoga Shala set in a natural surrounding. Practices are primarily QiYoga a therapeutic blend of flowing Hatha yoga and Qigong, designed to open the meridian lines within the body allowing the rivers of energy to flow freely. Classes engage the mind/body/spirit in a flowing moving meditation and create the sacred space for the transformational stillness of meditation. Structural alignment and protection of the spine are key to creating an experience of profound health, free of injury and stress.

…Brenda is committed to fully expanding her experience of life and love and family and health, and her own yoga and pranayama practice. As a powerful expression of what it is to be a woman living life to the fullest, Brenda is an inspiration and role model for all her students in yoga and in life, and to everyone who know her….
Leah R