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August 8, 2013

improve your posture and your love life

I LOVE MY JOB! I have started working with a new client (I will not tag him in this post and embarrass him…… although he was happy for me to share this). We are working really hard to improve his posture alongside getting him healthy and a rocking body to boot!!!! I told him that I want him to ‘walk like a soldier’ from now on. I also mentioned how looking at life full on in the face and holding yourself in this manner can change the way you look at life and how others perceive you. He told me this morning that he was walking like this and he bumped into a woman that he is interested in. She asked him out!!!!!! He says he doesn’t think that this was a coincidence. BOOM….. I love this story, it made my morning and I wanted to share. It is official!!!! Training with Innervate Health and Fitness will make you more appealing to potential love interests 🙂

August 8, 2013

overweight animals

I have a 4 year old Labrador called Leroy Brown. I get asked all the time what is he mixed with as he is not overweight. He is actually lean and fit and pure breed! (Labradors are prone to being overweight) I simply feed him correctly and exercise him regularly. I find it interesting that the Labrador owners at the dog park ask me this question; I also observe that they are generally overweight too. No wild animals are obese, only domestic ones that are overfed and under exercised like a lot of the population. This is not a rant against overweight, under exercised Labrador owners….. but simply an observation that I wanted to share. Could you imagine if animals were obese?…… we are the only animals that have this problem.


August 8, 2013


Just witnessed a lady smoking a cigarette, chugging a red bull and eating a McMuffin all at the same time. This was in the alley behind the pharmacy that she works in (she had the uniform on). I hope my observations are never taken as judgment…… I hope you have started your week differently.

August 8, 2013


conversation overheard/eaves dropped next to my local cafe: large guy says to his large guy friend: “check out that guys abs, wouldn’t mind looking like that”, friends response: “me too mate, but it would mean that we would both have to stop smoking, stop drinking every night and stop eating shit all the time”, mate says (whist dragging on his ciggie) “ah yes, too true mate” both laugh and carry on with their smoke. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………

August 7, 2013

injury and motivation

Confession: I fell off the ‘bikini shoot challenge’ wagon re the injury that stopped me from training……. aaaand….. the last two weekends I have consumed rather more alcohol than one wanting a bikini shoot body or in fact one promoting a healthy lifestyle should (even tho I do not like the word should). Back on the wagon yesterday and started squatting in the warm up, Dan (http://www.facebook.com/PerformanceIQConditioning) says to me: ‘You are moving like a dinosaur’. I was and I felt like one. GRRRRRRR. The reason I am sharing this with you is to let you know that Personal Trainers face the same challenges and pitfalls that you do (they just don’t always share this with you like I do), also two weekends in a row on the ‘lash’ does not mean that you have to fall into an unhealthy lifestyle moving forward. Lastly, if you treat your body like a garbage bag you will move like a dinosaur (Lisa Brown proverb). If you have been letting things slip, get a hold of it ASAP. I have gotta say I feel a hell of a lot better on this sunny Tuesday in Sydney than I did for the last 10 days or so.

August 7, 2013


I’m always posting motivational stuff in the hope that it inspires you guys to get off your butts and train however, I feel the need to also point out that it is so important to know when to take your foot of the pedal and rest when you need to. I have had a massive workout week and my body feels so trashed (in a good way). I had planned to go to Strongman training this morning. This type of training requires you to be totally present, you can’t just show up. It is hardcore and full on. I made the decision to take the dog for a walk and grab a coffee instead. This is not laziness it was me listening to my body and weighing up the risk to benefit ratio (my neck injury also feels sore). In short, listen to your body, you will instinctively know when you need to rest and recover, then you can train effectively in the next session. FYI There is a difference between rest and recovery and making excuses not to train. Important to know the difference 🙂

August 7, 2013

treat your body like i treat my dog

I take my 5 year old black labrador, Leroy Brown with me to the local cafe every morning. Leroy would eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING if I let him (he is a lab after all) There are patrons there that like to give him banana bread. I will not allow them to do it and they make fun of Leroy being the ‘skinniest lab ever’ and ask me what he is mixed with as he ‘doesn’t look like a lab’. 

At one time I allowed them to feed him. This would happen every morning. I observed Leroy getting bigger and I stopped it. 

The large majority of labs I see are overweight. My local vet tells me Leroy is at a perfect weight. He also says that it is so rare to see labs at a perfect weight as our perception of what a lab is supposed to look like has changed as the large majority are overweight. 

I feed Leroy 3 x a day and he gets two walks a day. The local cafe gives him a carrot instead of banana bread. 

Treat yourself like I treat my dog. Regular exercise, good nutrition. This way you’ll be a happy pup with no hip problems and be able to run around the park and get to the ball before all the other pups!!!!!!! And live alot longer!!!fitness-dawg

August 7, 2013

women who lift can sometime draw stares

I am back in my hometown of Redcar in the North East of England. Yesterday I did heavy deadlifts, squats, pushes and pulls and couldn’t help but smile at the looks I was getting from the local North Eastern men training next to me in the gym here….. I don’t think that there are many women that lift in this town….. too funny…. ‘Excuse me, please can I grab the 25kg Dumbbells?’ to the massive carpet carrying man who was doing the same exercise, similar reps with 16kgs 🙂 his facial expression was priceless. 

I love being strong!!!!! Happy Sunday guys wherever you are in the world 🙂

August 7, 2013

my mum jean brown

Today would be my mum’s birthday. We lost my mum to cancer 5 years ago on 22nd April (a week on Monday). 

I prefer to celebrate mum’s life on her bday rather than the day she left us. 

Check out this amazing pic of my mum when she was a Personal Training Instructor (PTI) in the army. She is the one on the left. I am so proud to follow in her footsteps and do what I do :)

We simply need to swap the hoop for a kettle bell and we could be the same person 🙂 

I love you mum and I miss you everyday but especially this day. 

Jean Elizabeth Brown x x x x x xJJ_Jean_Brown

August 7, 2013

turning 40

Hey team, I hope you are having an amazing Monday. I am in recovery after an amazing 40th birthday party on Sydney Harbour on Saturday. 

I turn 40 tomorrow!!!!!! Feeling a lil reflective… will probably write more about this tomorrow. 

I have to say that I am fitter, stronger and in the best shape emotionally and physically than I have ever been in my life. 

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It is never to late to get up, get moving and make a change. 

I love my job and I love my life. It is supported by the fact that my body is in great shape. My thoughts are that if you can get yourself in great shape physically than lots of great things follow. 

Don’t think about it….Start slowly if you need to but just keep consistency 🙂482330_434496846640822_968675075_n